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Ignoring the Obvious August 3, 2006

Posted by Amy in Uncategorized.

So, yesterday? When I was reflecting on how life right now is going along at a semi-manageable pace? I forgot one huge factor: Mr. T is off work all week.

When J began to throw a tantrum at Costco yesterday, I could look at the other adult with me and laugh when J told us, “You ALWAYS do this to me!” (“This” referred to letting her brother hold the Costco receipt the man at the door had drawn a funny picture on.) Without Mr. T there, I would have been struggling to buckle a crying child into her booster seat while also dealing with a cart full of too-heavy groceries.

Well, okay: without Mr. T there, I wouldn’t have taken two kids to Costco because I’ve pretty much given up on that exercise in frustration — long lines, crowded parking lot, food/movies/toys they both wish they could have at every turn.

In my dream world, he’d work a few hours a day, I’d work a few hours a day, and we’d be able to share the daily parenting stuff like making lunches and taking kids swimming and arranging playdates the way we have this week.

Don’t get me wrong — he’s far more available than many parents I know with full-time jobs, mostly, in my opinion, because he’s had working mom bosses who absolutely understand that kids get sick or have appointments with specialists that can’t be rescheduled or field trips that need chaperones. These women have been balancing full-time paid work with mothering for longer than we have, and they’re under no illusion that every dad has a wife at home to pick up all the slack.

He’s also got a pretty generous vacation and sick leave allowance, so taking a day off here and there to work in a kid’s classroom or stay home with a sick child on one of my teaching days is usually no problem. Being able to work from home on the laptop makes a huge difference, too. More than anything, he’s an equal parent in his mind; he doesn’t think of any of the work of raising children as being specifically my job, now that breastfeeding is no longer a part of our lives.

But right now, when we’ve both got extremely flexible work schedules going on and no sports practices or school dropoffs and pickups to fit in, I can see where being independently wealthy would be kind of nice. I just like having him around, you know? He makes me laugh and he takes over when H is starting to lose it and he brings me the new Sonic Youth album before I’ve even asked for it. I’m lucky.



1. Mr. T - November 8, 2006

Nah, he’s lucky.

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