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Overloaded March 4, 2006

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Yes, I am. With an embarrassment of riches–kids, husband, paid work I love, unpaid work I love, books to read, music to hear, friends and family I don’t see enough of.

But also: laundry. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Packing lunches. Keeping track of field trip slips. Baseball practices and games. School fundraisers. Required parent hours. Two cars whose interiors have NEVER been cleaned the entire time we’ve owned them (2+ years). Two bathrooms and many square feet of floors which LOOK like they’ve never been cleaned the entire time we’ve lived here.

I’m feeling like Toad in Frog and Toad today. Blah.

Finished Black, White and Jewish by Rebecca Walker, which gave me some good insight into how it must feel to V to have two homes. Just started Dan Savage’s new book, The Commitment, and I love it so far.