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Love and Other Impossible Pursuits by Ayelet Waldman February 2, 2006

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Just finished this the other day, and I’ll be seeing Ayelet Waldman speak next Thursday, so I’ll wait until then to write much. As a stepmom, I appreciated reading a story about a stepmother character who seemed pretty realistic. The fact that her baby had just died of SIDS seemed almost too much, though. I had a hard time believing it–one of those things that might happen in real life but be too strange for fiction, perhaps– and I also felt like it wasn’t necessary to the story. The stepmother experience itself was enough drama for a whole book. And while I am an pretty avid fan of her work, I was distracted, as always, by shifts in tone and bit players who seemed too vaguely depicted. I think I like Daughter’s Keeper better than this, but I still couldn’t put this book down.

Other books read lately: Confessions of a Naughty Mommy by Heidi Raykeil–loved this and will be writing much more about it on mamazine. Also Seeing Past Z by Beth Kephardt, which has some good concrete suggestions for helping kids as they’re discovering the creative possibilities of reading and writing. Starting Zadie Smith’s newest and finishing What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Language and Literacy by James Paul Gee right now. My kids will be grateful for that last one, I’m sure.



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