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Stuff I’ve Been Reading: Love, Work, Children by Cheryl Mendelson January 20, 2006

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It took me several days to make my way through this one, and at first I found myself resenting the way I had to slow down and make time to get to know so many characters, none of whom I liked all that much for the first hundred pages or so.

But it kept reminding me of Jane Austen, and I found I couldn’t keep from reading to find out what happened to these people I came to know–and like–better after a time. Yes, it’s essentially a romance in that all ends well for the good people. And yes, the line between good and bad is drawn pretty heavily in this book. But Mendelson’s characters raise questions about love and marriage and parenting and relationships with adult children and social class in a New York neighborhood in 2002 which will stick with me.

I’ve already put the first book in this projected trilogy (this is the second in the series) on hold at the library, and I’ll read the third when it comes in. And while I know some people hate it, I’m a total sucker for series fiction; I love the security of sinking into a book whose world I’m already familiar with.



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