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Stuff I’ve Been Reading January 6, 2006

Posted by Amy in Uncategorized.

Yeah, okay, so I stole that title from Nick Hornby. This is definitely not going to be Hornby-quality writing; more of a written record of what I’m reading and why. Because my brain tends to forget much of what I’ve read fairly quickly, my goal for 2006 is to keep track of books read here. So far in 2006, here’s what I’ve been reading.

Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld: I loved this book, in all its excruciatingly painful adolescent detail. Like Catcher in the Rye except Holden is a girl, and she’s on scholarship, and that changes everything.

Fireweed by Mildred Walker: I’m a Mildred Walker fan–Winter Wheat is one of my favorite books to teach–but it took me forever to get around to reading this book set in a dying logging town in the Midwest just at the start of the Depression. I finally decided to knock it off my to-do list after years of staring at its spine on my “books I’m waiting to read” shelf. Walker’s dialogue can be clunky, but I was entranced by the concrete descriptions of Celie’s daily life and how it changes when she marries young and becomes a mother.

Everybody Into the Pool by Beth Lisick: A funny, fast read that left me wishing I’d been cool enough to wear an ugly, oversized plaid dress as the freshman homecoming princess. Lisick is hilarious, but I kind of look forward to seeing what she writes further into motherhood and um, middle age, if that’s what the late thirties/early forties are called these days. I’m getting bored hearing about life in people’s teens and twenties. My life is way more interesting (to me, at least) as I near 35 than it was when I was 15. Of course, I’d like to read about a fifteen-year-old in today’s world, so maybe I’ve just burned out on ironic, self-mocking looks back at teen life in the 80s?



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